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Arkansas DMS contacts

Arkansas Division of Medical Services Contacts

Arkansas Division of Medical Services
Department of Human Services
Donaghey Plaza South
P. O. Box 1437, Slot S401
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-1437

Arkansas Medicaid contacts are listed below. Click the name to send
e-mail. All telephone and fax numbers are in area code (501).

  • Arkansas Medicaid Beneficiary call centers are open
    Monday through Friday 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
  • Arkansas Medicaid Provider call centers are open
    Monday through Friday 8 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.
Arkansas Medicaid Beneficiaries
Customer Services for 
1.  Coverage
2.  Bills
3.  Beneficiary denial letters
4.  Other services
1-800-482-5431 in-state toll-free 
682-8501 local and out-of-state
Customer Services for 
1.  Lost or non-receipt of Medicaid cards
2.  Eligibility 
3.  County DHS problems
1-800-482-8988 in-state toll-free 
682-8233 local and out-of-state
Spanish interpreter 1-800-482-8988 in-state toll-free 
682-1661 local and out-of-state

Arkansas Medicaid Providers
Arkansas Incentive Payment Team (AIPT), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Provider Assistance Center (PAC), and Provider Enrollment 1-800-457-4454 in-state toll-free 
376-2211 local and out-of-state
Prescription Drug PA Help Desk (800) 707-3854 in-state toll-free 
(501) 374-6609 x 500 local and out-of-state
Third-Party Liability Unit (501) 537-1070 local and out-of-state
(501) 682-1644 Fax
P.O. Box 1437, Slot S296
Little Rock, AR 72203-1437
Voice Response System (VRS) (800) 806-6181
Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week except for brief maintenance periods

Name Title Phone Fax Mail Slot
Dawn Stehle Director,
Division of Medical Services
683-4997 682-1197 S-401
Suzanne Bierman Assistant Director,
Medical Services
320-6003 682-8873 S-416
Lynn Burton Business Operations Manager,
Provider Reimbursement
682-1857 682-3889 S-416
Kena Bryles Business Operations Manager,
Electronic Health Records
320-6422 682-8304 S-417
Anita Castleberry Business Operations Manager,
Utilization Review and Behavioral Health Programs
682-8154 682-8013 S-413
Lee Clark Business Operations Manager,
Health Care Innovation
320-6475 682-6706 S-416
Tina Coutu Business Operations Manager,
Financial Activities
537-2195 682-2263 S-416
Michael Crump Business Operations Manager,
Program and Administrative Support
537-3430 682-2263 S-416
Jason Derden Program Administrator,
Prescription Drug Program
683-4120 683-4124 S-415
Frank Gobell Business Operations Manager,
Long Term Care - Regulations and Data
320-6017 682-1197 S-409
William Golden Medical Director,
Division of Medical Services
320-6490 682-1197 S-401
Ward Hanna Business Operations Manager,
Provider Management and Vision and Dental Programs
320-6201 682-1197 S-410
Tami Harlan Chief Operating Officer,
Division of Medical Services
682-8330 682-1197 S-401
Glenda Higgs Business Operations Manager,
Program Development and Quality Assurance
320-6425 682-2480 S-295
Judy Johnston Nurse Manager,
Survey and Certification Enforcement
320-6249 682-6171 S-404
Brian Jones Medical Assistance Manager,
Institutional and Non-Institutional Provider Reimbursement
537-2064 628-3889 S-416
Lech Matuszewski Policy Research Director,
Patient-Centered Medical Home and Transportation Programs
320-6220 682-1197 S-410
Judith E. McGhee Medical Director,
Utilization Review and Medical Programs
682-9868 682-8013 S-412
Laurence Miller Senior Psychiatrist,
Division of Medical Services
683-4120 683-4124 S-415
Tracy Mitchell Medicaid Management Information System Administrator,
Medicaid Information Management
320-6171 682-8873 S-417
Doug Nelson Medicaid Data Security Administrator,
Medicaid Information Management
320-6493 682-8873 S-417
Maggie Newton Business Operations Manager,
Health Care Innovation
320-6203 682-8873 S-416
Tom Parsons Medical Assistance Manager,
LTC Provider Reimbursement
537-2066 682-3889 S-416
Roger Patton Information Systems Manager,
Coordination of Coverage
320-6540 683-5318 S-417
Sherri Proffer Nurse Manager,
Assisted Living Facilities/Residential Care Facilities and Eligibility Determinations
320-6192 682-8551 S-406
Peggy Pulliam Business Operations Manager,
Surveillance Utilization Review Subsystem
320-6111 682-8304 S-414
Carol Shockley Assistant Director,
Long Term Care
682-8487 682-1197 S-409
Brenda Sliger Administrative Assistant,
Division of Medical Services
682-8329 682-1197 S-401
Mary Beth Sparks Administrative Assistant,
Division of Medical Services
683-4997 682-1197 S-401
Victor Sterling Assistant Director,
Medicaid Information Management
320-6539 682-5318 S-416
Mark Story Assistant Director,
Administrative Services and Chief Financial Officer
320-8955 682-2263 S-416
Tim Taylor AME PMO Director and Chief Technology Officer
Medicaid Information Management
320-6538 682-8873 S-416
Shelley Tounzen Business Operations Manager,
Health Care Innovation
320-6419 682-6706 S-416
Cecilia Vinson Nurse Manager,
Minimum Data Set
320-6438 682-6171 S-409
Vacant Assistant Director,
Health Care Innovation
 – 682-8873 S-416
Vacant Medicaid Data Analytics Manager,
Medicaid Information Management
 – 682-5318 S-417
Vacant Nurse Manager,
Utilization Review and Medical Programs
 – 682-8013 S-413