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Carrier Codes

Carrier Codes

Carrier codes—National Electronic Insurance Clearinghouse (NEIC) codes that identify insurance carriers—are necessary to complete claims that involve Third Party Liability. However, the codes are too numerous to include as a list within Provider Electronic Solutions software. Therefore, we’re making the Carrier Codes available below.

When you submit a 270 Eligibility Request transaction, the system sends you a 271 Eligibility Response. If we have Third Party Liability information on file for the beneficiary, that information (including the carrier code) is listed on the response.

The Carrier Codes Report is a cross-reference of carrier codes to insurance company names, in alphabetical order by company name. This report is generated quarterly by the Arkansas Medicaid Management Information System. If the carrier you’re looking for is not listed in the Carrier Codes Report, use the default code XXX (which means unknown carrier code) to bill the TPL amount paid or submit a TPL denial date.

NOTE: Alpha characters in carrier codes must be uppercase.

The report is in Microsoft Word format. If you click the link and the document doesn’t open, download Microsoft Word Viewer free so you can view and print the documents.

  • To view, click the link to the guide. The document opens in a new window. To return to this page, close the window.
  • To print, click the link to the guide. The document opens in a new window. Use the menu of that window to print (click File, then Print).
  • To save a copy to your computer, right-click the link to the guide and then save the file to your hard disk.

Document File Name File Size Last Update
Carrier Codes Report carriers.doc 705k 1/6/18
Third-Party Liability Unit Contact Information DMSTPL.doc 31k 8/22/14