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EDI Support Center Calls

Need Help?Updated 12/13/17
Our Provider Assistance Center and EDI Support Center are open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If you need to call the EDI Support Center for assistance, please be prepared with the following information to expedite research:

  • Your provider number(s)
  • Your trading partner number(s)
  • Your method of submission – portal, PES, upload via the portal or secure website, vendor system/billing company/clearinghouse

Also, please have the person most familiar with the electronic billing and expected responses contact the EDI Support Center.

EDI, PAC, Provider Enrollment, and AIPT share the same convenient phone numbers:
(800) 457-4454 in-state toll-free or
(501) 376-2211 local and out-of-state.

MMIS Transition Guides

Updated 11/5/17
View or print the transition guides today. (PDF, new window)

Information to help you with portal registration and filing claims in the new MMIS is still available. Get critical information regarding portal registration and the new MMIS. (HTML, new window)

Prior Authorization Process Types

Added 10/25/17
Please refer to Billing Matters if you have questions about the process types for prior authorizations. If you are a Hearing Services provider requesting a PA through the provider portal, use process type 112 – Other medical service.

Claims in Suspense During System Transition

Updated 11/5/17
If you had claim(s) in suspense when the new MMIS came online, those claims had a two-step process to transfer to the new system.

Step 1. Claims in process the week before go live denied with EOB code 755. This EOB has a description of “Procedure not payable in conjunction or with paid critical care code.” The description of this EOB should be “Denied and Resubmitted in New System.

Step 2. DXC selected all claims in the Legacy system with EOB code 755 and pulled them into the new system (interChange) for processing.

Even though the description of the EOB was incorrect, the process to resubmit your suspended claims from the legacy system to the new system worked the same. There is no need to resubmit these claims.

Claim Status Response for Trading Partners — Unsolicited 277 Response

Added 10/12/17
With the implementation of the new MMIS, Trading Partners must select the 276 transaction set in order to receive the claim status response. The Unsolicited 277 Response will no longer be available. To get a 277 Response, you must have a 276 Transaction. Other options are checking claim status by using the Search Claims option on the HealthCare Provider Portal or Voice Response System (VRS).

Policy Changes

Updated 11/16/17
With the implementation of the new MMIS, the following billing policies will be affected:

Sign Up to Receive MMIS eBlasts

Added 8/7/17
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