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Electronic Data Interchange

EDI Support Center Calls

If you need to call the EDI Support Center for assistance, please be prepared with the following information to expedite research:

  • Your provider number(s)
  • Your trading partner number(s)
  • Your method of submission – portal, PES, upload via the portal or secure website, vendor system/billing company/clearinghouse

Also, please have the person most familiar with the electronic billing and expected responses contact the EDI Support Center.

EDI, PAC, Provider Enrollment, and AIPT share the same convenient phone numbers:
(800) 457-4454 in-state toll-free or
(501) 376-2211 local and out-of-state.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Webinars

Updated 11/15/17
The recorded EDI webinar from Wednesday, November 8 is available for replay. (HTML, new window)

View or print frequently asked questions from the recent webinars. (PDF, new window)

How to Submit a 276 Request via Provider Electronic Solutions (PES)

Added 11/9/17
To submit a 276 Request using PES:

  • Choose Forms > 276 Claim Status Request.

    PES interface

  • Enter both Billing Provider ID and Beneficiary ID for claims you wish to check.

    PES interface

  • Enter From Date of Service, To Date of Service and Charges (billed amount.)

    PES interface

  • Choose Save on the right and enter more claims if you wish to check more than one.

How to Send and Receive 276/277 Batches via Provider Electronic Solutions (PES)

Added 11/9/17
To send a 276 Claim Status Batch Request using PES:

  • Choose Communication > Submission.

    PES interface

  • Select 276 Claim Status Request in the Files to Send column then press Submit.

    PES interface

  • Choose 277 Claim Status Response in the Files to Receive column and press Submit to receive batch response.

    PES interface

276 Transactions

Added 11/8/17
Please wait at least one hour after submitting claims to submit a 276 transaction to ensure that your claims have processed through the system.

How to Verify Your Trading Partner ID is Active and Ready to Begin EDI Submissions

Added 10/31/17
Trading Partner Status can be verified on the new HealthCare Provider Portal (HTML, new window). You will see the question “Would you like to enroll as a Provider or a Trading Partner?” to the left of the portal webpage. Click Trading Partner, then click Trading Partner Enrollment Status. Enter your Trading Partner ID and click Search. The information returned provides the status of the Trading Partner ID. If the Trading Partner Status is listed as “Currently Active,” you may submit your standard EDI HIPAA transaction files.

    Trading Partner Status

Error Produced When Using Old Submitter IDs in the new Provider Portal

Added 10/31/17
The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Support Center is seeing errors when trading partners erroneously submit 837 EDI files containing their former Submitter ID (i.e., MC#) in the ISA06 field. When this occurs, a TA1 is generated. The new MMIS does NOT have the old MC# ID on record, therefore the system cannot return the file to the Trading Partner who submitted the file. The Trading Partner does not receive any response as a result. To correct this issue, change the ISA06 value to the new Trading Partner ID and resubmit the file.

The ISA Segment is as follows:

    ISA06 must equal new Trading Partner ID number

The ISA06 value MUST be your new Trading Partner ID (Starts with TP01#, eight digits in total).

EDI Transactions with old Submitter ID

Added 10/26/17
Please contact your trading partner (vendor, clearing house or billing company) if you have been notified that your claims are not being accepted. Some electronic transactions from trading partners have embedded submitter IDs that have not been changed over to their new trading partner IDs. They need to research to determine if there is the old submitter ID (MC#) in any part of the transaction and replace with the new trading partner ID. The new system does not recognize old submitter IDs and cannot accept these claims for processing.

EDI-Related Job Aids

Training Materials File Name File Size
Registering on the Provider Portal – Provider MMIS_JobAid_ProvPortalReg.pdf 6.1MB
Registering on the Provider Portal – Delegates MMIS_JobAid_DelegatePortalReg.pdf 4.4MB
Registering on the Provider Portal – Trading Partners MMIS_JobAid_TradingPartnerPortalReg.pdf 2.1MB
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Registering on the Portal MMIS_JobAid_PortalRegFAQs.pdf 76k
Trading Partner ID Enrollment MMIS_JobAid_TrdngPrtnrIDEnroll.pdf 2.8MB
How to Link Your Trading Partner ID MMIS_JobAid_LinkTPID.pdf 1.9MB
Frequently Asked Questions for Trading Partner ID Enrollment MMIS_TradingPartnerEnrollFAQ.pdf 75k
Search Payment History MMIS_JobAid_SearchPaymentHistory.pdf 946k
Submitting and Reviewing a Claim MMIS_JobAid_SubmittingReviewingClaim.pdf 3.4MB
How to Check Claim Status MMIS_JobAid_CheckClaimStatus.pdf 1MB

If you would like to learn more about the new MMIS, AFMC is hosting a series of webinars. View a webinar today!

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