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Get Started – HealthCare Provider Portal and the New MMIS

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The new HealthCare Provider Portal is now open and fully functional. DXC Technology is committed to making your transition to the new environment as seamless as possible. With this goal in mind, critical factors for your success are listed below.

Updated 11/5/17
View or print the transition guides today. (PDF, new window)


What’s the difference between “enrolling” and “registering?”

Enroll – Obtain an 8-digit Trading Partner ID required to submit claims in the new MMIS.
Trading Partners – Clearinghouses, billing services or software companies — “Trading Partners” — will enroll to obtain a Trading Partner ID.

Register – Gain access to the HealthCare Provider Portal by getting your unique username and password.
Portal Submitters will register to access the HealthCare Provider Portal to submit claims.

If I am a provider, do I need to enroll for a Trading Partner ID?

Medicaid providers who answer YES to any of the following must enroll for a Trading Partner ID to view details of their managed care fees (known as capitated fee information in the new MMIS):

  • Will use PES after Go-live
  • Will use EDI direct submission
  • Will upload information into the new HealthCare Provider Portal
  • Will receive capitated fee information (known as managed care fees in the legacy MMIS) related to any of the following programs:
    • Arkansas Works (formerly called Private Option)
    • Assisted Living
    • Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC)
    • IndependentChoices
    • Long-Term Care Adjusted Service Fee Claims
    • Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) Service Fee Claims
    • Programs for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
    • Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)
    • Primary Care Physicians (PCP)

Should I enroll as a Trading Partner?

Clearinghouses, billing services and software companies are now referred to as “Trading Partners.” If you are a clearinghouse, billing service or software company, you MUST enroll to obtain your Trading Partner ID in order to submit claims in the new MMIS.

Do I need to register for the HealthCare Provider Portal?

Both Providers and Trading Partners are required to register on the HealthCare Provider Portal. It is possible that you must register as both a provider AND a Trading Partner.


Portal Submitters

  1. Register for the Healthcare Provider Portal.
  2. If you receive capitated fees (known as managed care fees in the legacy MMIS), then enroll for your Trading Partner ID.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) X-12 Submitters

  1. Enroll for a Trading Partner ID.
  2. See vendor letter and updated companion guides.
  3. If uploading or downloading files, register for HealthCare Provider Portal.

Provider Electronic Solutions (PES) Software Submitters

  1. Enroll for a Trading Partner ID.
  2. Enter your new Trading Partner ID into PES | Tools | Options.

Are YOU ready? Proceed to the HealthCare Provider Portal to begin your registration! (HTML, new window)

Keys to Succeed

MMIS Job Aids

For more detailed instruction how on to complete your role within the new enviroment, please see the following Job Aids:

Training Materials File Name File Size
Eligibility Verification MMIS_JobAid_Eligibility.pdf 1.5MB
Prior Authorization MMIS_JobAid_PriorAuthorization.pdf 2MB
Registering on the Provider Portal – Provider MMIS_JobAid_ProvPortalReg.pdf 6.1MB
Registering on the Provider Portal – Delegates MMIS_JobAid_DelegatePortalReg.pdf 4.4MB
Registering on the Provider Portal – Trading Partners MMIS_JobAid_TradingPartnerPortalReg.pdf 2.1MB
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Registering on the Portal MMIS_JobAid_PortalRegFAQs.pdf 76k
Trading Partner ID Enrollment MMIS_JobAid_TrdngPrtnrIDEnroll.pdf 2.8MB
How to Link Your Trading Partner ID MMIS_JobAid_LinkTPID.pdf 1.9MB
Frequently Asked Questions for Trading Partner ID Enrollment MMIS_TradingPartnerEnrollFAQ.pdf 75k
Search Payment History MMIS_JobAid_SearchPaymentHistory.pdf 946k
Submitting and Reviewing a Claim MMIS_JobAid_SubmittingReviewingClaim.pdf 3.4MB
How to Check Claim Status MMIS_JobAid_CheckClaimStatus.pdf 1MB
Treatment History MMIS_JobAid_TreatmentHistory.pdf 1.5MB
Updating PCP Caseload MMIS_JobAid_UpdatingPCPCaseload.pdf 1.4MB
Uploading Documents MMIS_JobAid_UploadingDocuments.pdf 1.1MB
Using the new Medicaid Provider Portal PortalTraining.pdf 15MB

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