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REMINDER: Bill ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes Without Decimals
Added 10/9/15 – 4:30 p.m.
Please remember to omit decimals in all ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes when submitting claims for payment. For example, diagnosis code E119.5 should be entered as E1195. This is not a new requirement. Decimals have not been allowed in ICD-9 codes and they are not allowed in ICD-10 codes.

Claims Submitted without ICD-10 Codes for Dates of Service on or After 10/1/15 Will NOT Be Paid
Updated 8/28/15
All claims submitted to Arkansas Medicaid for Dates of Service on and after 10/1/15 must bill using ICD-10 codes. Claims that do not bill ICD-10 codes will deny and you will not be paid by Arkansas Medicaid. This is a Federal mandate. Feel free to contact Arkansas Medicaid for assistance. With more than 38,000 providers, we expect a high volume of inquiries and possible delays in responses. We appreciate your patience.

Please visit the ICD-10 website for more information. (HTML, new window)

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